CASE4Med - Computer-assisted Solution Engineering for Medical

Network for High Performance Computing / Simulation and Data Analytics / AI in medical applications

About the project

Simulation / High Performance Computing (HPC) and Data Analytics has been established as a cornerstone for product development in the automotive sector. In contrast, the utilization of such approaches is very limited in medical applications. To address this, CASE4Med forms a network of competence with partners from industry and science for developing solutions. It elaborates how Simulation/HPC and Data Analytics/Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to improve the development of products and processes in medical and bio-technology. This includes a broad range of potential applications, e.g. (bio-)mechanical optimization of implants, improvement of production processes, assessment of reprocessing quality of surgical instruments, or analysis of options for improvement regarding the configuration of complex systems. CASE4Med does not only develop technical tools and methods, but also address organizational issues like access to data or general validation strategies for facilitating the use of the methods with respect to regulatory requirements. Based on this, CASE4Med elaborates strategies how product development cycles can be made more efficient, reliable, and effective. CASE4Med does not focus on pure scientific knowledge, but on real benefits for the involved partners in their daily business.


Interdisciplinary network for addressing the utilization of Simulation/HPC and Data Analytics/Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical applications
- providing general methods as well as technical and organizational infrastructure
- building a platform for exchanging ideas, addressing challenges and developing solutions
- focus on real benefits for involved partners (e.g. improvement of development cycles, accepted standards for validation, access to data and tools)
- central base for setting up dedicated projects

Change potential

In the future, medical and bio-technology will be extensively data-driven. Starting from early phases of product development, simulations are used to optimize design parameters and drive company processes. Based on detailed analysis, the potential success can be judged before conclusive tests are performed and systems are applied in real settings. CASE4Med fosters HPC technologies to make this vision a reality.