The Hub for Human Environmental Agrifood Leap to Transform Health

About the project

H-HEALTH, as an enabling platform, brings together the capabilities of academic and industry partners to enable innovation and groundbreaking impact in the multi-systemic field of sustainable, renewable agriculture and human wellbeing.
Together as a transdisciplinary community, H-HEALTH explore how the wellbeing of human society ultimately depends on the combination of healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy animals, and a healthy environment.

Three of the focus areas that have so far been picked up by H-HEALTH are:

1. Human well-being:
Nutrition and its effect on the human microbiome, medicinal properties of plants as well as natural compounds.

2. Smart & digital applications:
Precision & smart agriculture, AI and Big Data applications in smart agriculture, supply chain & the future of crop protection.

3. Regenerative food production:
Adaption to climate change & increasing plant resilience, effects of soil microbiome on plants and their nutritional content, sustainability and carbon storage.


H-HEALTH tackles the societal challenge that ties agricultural practices, crop protection, food ecosystems, human nutrition, and human health with a unique systems-based approach.
Along the trajectory: healthy soils - healthy plants - healthy environment - healthy people, H-HEALTH enables solutions, impactful ideas and powerful collaborations in the food production system to accelerate systemic change and together - idea by idea - make a difference towards a more sustainable world.

Change potential

Human well-being will benefit from a better balance of agricultural practices taking into account soil, plants, and the environment.
With regenerative solutions in the agrifood and agritech field, the agricultural sector can contribute to mitigate climate change and help nourish the human population with healthy and sustainable food.