ICM – Innovation Campus Future Mobility

Research for the sustainable mobility of tomorrow.

About the project

Since 2019, the InnovationCampus has been creating a platform to promote a lively exchange between different scientific fields as well as between science and industry, thus strengthening the Stuttgart-Karlsruhe research region as well as Baden-Württemberg as a business location.
The partners of the two research locations of the University of Stuttgart and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology bundle their competencies in interdisciplinary research across common limits and innovation in order to quickly and flexibly develop new technologies, test new approaches and thereby create the basis for innovations (fast science). Through its own funding measures, the institute can set targeted priorities or focus on high-risk projects. The funded projects serve as a starting point for further activities, for example with partners from industry and business.
The three strategic research fields are manufacturing systems, mobility technologies for alternative drives, and digitalization in the area of software systems architecture. They cover the topics of product development, digital production, and products for a connected, future-proof, and sustainable mobility of tomorrow.


The "InnovationChallenge" funding format is aimed specifically at startups and SMEs and enables new industry-relevant research topics to be implemented at short notice.

Numerous basic research-oriented collaborative projects and, in addition, so-called bottom-up projects for young scientists are funded and two junior research groups, several junior and full professorships as well as two Fiebiger professorships are established. An exchange program strengthens international co-operations (travel grants).

Change potential

Alternative (electric) drive concepts beyond the combustion engine have been validated and have become established.
Production processes in the economy are more resilient, e.g. through regionalization.
Young people are trained on an interdisciplinary basis: Mechanical engineering, drive technology and computer science are equally important parts of the curriculum.
Connected driving technologies promote a transformation in the overall mobility system.



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