Knowledge Transfer Upper Rhine

About the project

The EU project Knowledge Transfer Upper Rhine (KTUR) marked the start of a trinational Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) on the Upper Rhine. Within the framework of the INTERREG V Upper Rhine funding program, the EU provides financial and human resources to establish joint structures and activities in the field of Knowledge and Technology Transfer. The project started in October 2019 and ended in September 2022.

A major goal of KTUR is to intensify, structure and professionalize cooperation among the transfer actors of the universities involved in the project and among universities, intermediaries, and companies in the trinational Upper Rhine region. The objective is to create a long-term network on the Upper Rhine, forging a common identity in the area of Knowledge and Technology Transfer in this region. Through increased exchange and cooperation, existing barriers can be reduced, significantly simplifying and enhancing cross-border contacts and project initiation between universities and companies.


KTUR was initiated within Eucor – The European Campus network, in which the University of Basel, the University of Freiburg, the Université de Haute-Alsace, the KIT and the Université de Strasbourg collectively form a trinational higher education area currently encompassing 115,000 students and 15,000 researchers.

The partners include twelve universities in the Upper-Rhine Region and a broad array of partner organizations in Germany, France and Switzerland.

Change potential

With KTUR the aim is to bring value to our stakeholders’ community and boost more cross-border projects between academia and industry in the Upper-Rhine Region. We achieve this by showcasing the regional excellence & uniqueness, providing easy access to the collaboration opportunities (skills, technologies, people) as well as enhancing the visibility (local & global) of the collaboration.



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