Energy Management System (EMS) for batteries and supercapacitor hybridization

About the project

Innovative algorithm, which ensures the optimal usage of capabilities of both Liion
and Supercapacitor devices
Optimal utilization of the voltage operating range of both components
Adapted for a wide range of applications (mobility, stationary…)

o Main applications considered : logistics vehicles (e.g., forklifts), buses
o Other applications :
o Mobility: Electric cars, Agricultural machinery, Trucks
o Stationary : Renewable energy storage, Frequency regulation, UPS


Compared to a mono-source system (e.g., Li-ions battery)
o Lowers the battery’s size
o Preserves the reliability of storage devices (longer lifetime/cycles)
o Reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
o Improves the response time (milliseconds vs. seconds for mono-source)
o Recovers almost 100% of the braking energy (for mobility solutions)
Vs another hybrid system
o After hybridization, higher reduction of the battery’s effective current
o Optimal utilization of the voltage operating range of the supercapacitator

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