STELLA CoE (Strengthening Translational Ecosystems for Lifesaving Local Access) Center of Excellence

STELLA aims to strengthen health systems and improve access to medicines globally.

About the project

The STELLA platform addresses health systems challenges, globally and especially in LMICs, by bringing together leading experts from diverse stakeholders (i.e. academia, research, industry, local institutions, start-ups, governmental institutions, funders/donors, foundations) to jointly identify and co-create solutions. The first key focus area has been on advancing digital tools in health supply chains. The ultimate goal is to contribute to strengthening health systems and improve access to medicine, globally. STELLA aims to tackle different challenges in health, by enabling and initiating several (sub)projects by partnering with institutions or in consortia.


STELLA brings together experts and different types of partners, public and private, to co-create solutions to global health challenges.

Change potential

- Establishment of a roadmap for District Health Information System2/Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) development focusing on facility level, end-user tools and integration with a national eLMIS or ERP.
- LMIS roadmap aligned with G.Fund & GAVI guidelines
- Integration with 80% of eLIMS: Medexis, mSupply, OpenBoxes
- Ongoing implementations of DHIS2/LMIS integrations in 5 African countries